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Henry Nodland Jr. and Henry Nodland Sr.

Henry Nodland Jr. and
Henry Nodland Sr.

The Nodland family has been involved in construction since the early 1930’s beginning in Starbuck, Minnesota. The company began as a small business involved in the production and installation of concrete tile used for drainage of agricultural land. During the war years of the forties, the company became more involved in the sewer and water industry. Cities and towns in west central Minnesota were growing and required these services. Henry Nodland Sr., along with Henry Nodland Jr., a returning U.S. Army Air Corps officer, grew the company and moved to Alexandria, Minnesota which is the company’s current corporate office location. Nodland Construction Co. worked primarily in Minnesota, and the Dakotas as many small communities expanded and installed municipal city services.

The company incorporated in 1956 and expanded to doing larger projects and working in the fast growing Twin Cities Metropolitan area. The first metro project was a joint venture project with Barbarossa Construction Co. in Coon Rapids, Minnesota. The company also continued to do work and complete projects in western Minnesota.

Work continued to be strong and the company completed many large and notable projects. The firm expanded and grew through this period until a very large down turn in the construction market during the late 70’s and early 80’s. The onset of a stronger economy and lower interest rates brought about a renewed company growth starting in nineteen eighty-three, and has continued through today.

The company is now under the third generation of Nodland family leadership, headed by Richard Nodland Sr. A large part of Nodland Construction Company’s success is attributed to the fifty plus construction professionals employed who make safety and quality the number one priority of each project.

Nodland Construction Co. has been an active member of the Minnesota AGC for sixty years, a member of MUCA for 26 years.